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Our Portrayal

VAALO Portrayal

VAALO (Value Attention Alternative Development Learning Options) avant-garde Ltd, a creative way forward of Humane Development, Innovations & Social change initiative which was established in the year 2015.

VAALO avant-garde is an independent social business venture initiated to create a platform of value attention development learning options and promoting positive social values in progressive ideas, ethically led innovations and goodness visioning in development efforts. This is a thoughtful way forward platform of value attention creative learning, social & technical innovation, intellectual & emotional exchange on social advancement with a local and global connectivity.

This venture initiated for developing and originating value added and ethically guided human development business model to make available to various sectors of social business & corporate and other intellectual & student communities. The business platform will create opportunity of emotional exchange & connectivity of social development and business community, good thinkers & actors to develop a value led society.

VAALO avant-garde Ltd. links people’s knowledge power, compliment value attention human development for multiple business ventures, innovates alternative development learning options. Advance ethics & social values to transform into the knowledge base. Connect the good thinkers & social actors locally and globally to promote alternative development thinking. Promotes and supports values & goodness as a superadded filler approach to ramify in every important sphere of the society to propagate positive social values in social change making process.

Our Vision

A value responsive ethically advanced society where people have freedom & space to develop & grow with their full potentials, excellence & creativity to propagate a positive social change velocity in the ever changing world.

Our Mission

To strengthen the social & development sector as a super added filler through advancing ethically guided & value attention alternative development learning and management matrix, innovation, demonstration, intellectual & emotional connectivity platform for transforming and propagating positive velocity force for social change.

Our Values & Belief

  • Value added & ethically guided knowledge base has strong ability & power for achieving positive changes.
  • Goodness, Values, Ethics are the guiding forces to ramify in all spheres of our society.
  • Transparency & Trust, accountability are keys to earning peoples’ heart.
  • As Economic poverty there is another cognitive dimension of poverty at mental level which needs to be removed to enhance & accelerate the speed of race against economic poverty.
  • Thinkers and promoters of goodness live in isolation; a responsive society encourages & values their connectivity.
“Abanti", House: 37 (1st Floor)
Flat: A-1, Road: 27, Block: A
Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
[+88] 09611 677391
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A Creative way forward of Humane Development, Innovations & Social change.