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Training & Human Resource Development

VAALO is dedicated to bridging the gap between research, training, and implementation. The organization aims to empower young individuals by providing them with the knowledge, skill sets, and values necessary to contribute positively to various job sectors and drive societal change. VAALO serves as a catalyst for promoting values and innovative learning options through value-focused education, skill and human development empowerment training, and human resource development. The learning approach emphasizes cognitive attention to develop understanding, thinking, and analytical skills to create and transform knowledge into practical application.

Training and human resource development are essential processes that enable individuals and organizations to improve their team competency and develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to achieve optimal performance. VAALO avant-garde focuses on designing and delivering highly professional training and human resource development services to student communities, young professionals at NGOs, corporate incubators, accelerators, and private and public organizations. Our human resource development programs are based on advanced knowledge management, analytic transformative learning bases, and adult learning principles. Our training program focuses on practical issues around public health, research, science communication, leadership, and management, including project and program management. Our training facilitation emphasizes analytical skills and competency building for entrepreneurs in management, leadership development, and change management, and for NGOs and development organizations in evidence-based policy-making, monitoring and evaluation, project management, awareness-raising programs, knowledge management, research design, and communication, marketing, and grant proposal writing.

We also create and deliver tailor-made training based on an organization's specific requirements. This training is devoted to multi-dimensional aspects of organizational capacity building, starting from Gateway to Career ship (job entry) to new generation leadership, values, ethics, morally driven organizational efficiency gains, and other deep learning skills transfer through customized training and skill-building workshops, including field practicum.

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A Creative way forward of Humane Development, Innovations & Social change.